50 Beautiful & Creative Images

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for beautiful images. Whether it’s a photo of flowers, an inspiring quote or a stunning landscape…I love it! In this article we’ll be exploring 50 beautiful and creative images to inspire your next project.

Study of a Bird’s Wing

You can also use this technique to study the wings of a bird. If you want to learn more about the anatomy of an eagle’s wing, for example, look at photographs from different angles and zoom in on certain parts. You can also use this method if you’re interested in learning about other animals’ wings as well or studying them yourself through photography.

The Impossible Triangle

  • The Impossible Triangle is a paradox that draws in the viewer’s eye.
  • The artist has created a visual illusion that is not possible in the real world.
  • The triangle is made up of three triangles, but they all have different angles.

The Man Who Bends Reality

The Man Who Bends Reality is a sculpture by Jean Tinguely, located in the plaza of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It was installed on May 22nd, 2018 as part of an exhibition titled “Time Capsules: Highlights from the Collection.”

The sculpture consists of a large metal armature that extends outward from its base and then bends back towards itself. The piece has been described as “a dynamic visual pun” because it’s meant to represent both an hourglass (because time flows) and also a bowler hat (because hats are worn at an angle).

I Believe in Magic

I Believe in Magic

This image was created by artist David Blaine, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a still from the movie The Prestige where Mr. McFly (the rabbit) was created using CGI. The man in the … Read the rest

Which Career In Graphic Design Is For You

If you’re a creative person and want to work in the design field, graphic design might be the perfect career choice. But how do you know which type of job is right for you? Here are some common types of jobs in graphic design, along with the requirements and duties associated with each one:

On-demand designer

On-demand designers work for clients on demand. They may work from home, or they may be freelancers who travel to their client’s office or home. On-demand designers must be able to multi-task and work quickly, as they are often given very short deadlines.

Project manager

Project managers are the coordinators of all things graphic design. They work with designers, clients and other stakeholders to figure out what the project will entail. Project managers then create a schedule and budget for the project before handing it off to designers who will execute on that vision.

If you’re interested in this career path because you want more responsibility over your projects or want a chance at being promoted into higher positions within an organization, then becoming a project manager may be right for you!

Freelance graphic designer

Becoming a freelance graphic designer is the ideal career for those who want to work on their own schedule and be their own boss. A freelance graphic designer can set their own hours, choose what projects they work on and determine their rate of pay.

The first step in becoming a freelance graphic designer is to develop your portfolio by creating samples of your work that showcase your skills as an artist, photographer or illustrator. You can then market these samples to potential clients through social media channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter; by networking with other designers at conventions; or by submitting applications directly through company websites (if … Read the rest

Graphic Design Examples Every Graphic Designer Should Study

I’ve been in the graphic design business for decades, and I can tell you that there are two things in this world that never change: one is death, and the other is how much time people spend thinking about their favorite graphic designs. I’m sure many of you reading this article have at least a few examples of your favorite designs printed out on your desk or pinned to your wall. If not, then we suggest getting started right away because there are so many great designers out there doing incredible work!

Graphic design examples are so helpful!

Graphic design examples are so helpful!

The best way to learn graphic design is by studying the work of other designers. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want to see what’s out there, here are some great places where you can find examples of graphic design:

  • Dribbble (https://dribbble.com/) is a community of designers sharing their latest projects. This site has been around since 2009 and has over 1 million members from all over the world who upload their work regularly with tags that make it easy for others’ eyes to find exactly what they need in seconds flat (or even less). You can also follow specific people on Dribbble if you really like what someone does and want updates on future projects–just make sure not everyone is following back!

A great graphic design example should be inspiring and instructive.

A great graphic design example should be inspiring and instructive. It should be relevant to your project, audience, brand and goals.

The best way to find inspiration is to study successful graphic designs that have already been created by professionals in the same industry as yours.

There are tons of great graphic design examples out there.

There are tons of great graphic … Read the rest

What Can We Learn From The Design Behind World War I Posters?

What Can We Learn From The Design Behind World War I Posters?

Last year marked 100 years since the end of The First World War. Given that communications were far less effective and much slower than what we know today, advertisements became an essential means of boosting morale and letting everyone know how they could contribute their help.

There’s still plenty to be learned from the World War I posters – from their mistakes through to their triumphs. Promotional print company, Where The Trade Buys, has compiled a collection of some of the most creative and iconic posters of World War I. See if you recognise any?

A female recruitment poster: The Women’s Land Army

Women’s Land Army (WLA) recruitment posters are some of the most remembered wartime memorabilia from World War I and II. By the end of the first year of World War I, more than one million men had been recruited to the British Army — a number that hit around five million by the end of the conflict. As a result, the country was suffering from a significant workforce shortage and needed to employ the help of women to feed the people left at home.

What Can We Learn From The Design Behind World War I Posters?

A message of equality

The aim of this ad — launched in World War I — was to encourage young women to take over jobs in agriculture. Often referred to as ‘Land Girls’, some farmers were hesitant or even completely against using female workers, despite the dire situation. Others even felt that the choice of WLA uniform was too masculine.

So, why did this work? To someone who was deemed unsuitable to participate in front-line combat for her country and who perhaps wanted to break free of the domesticated lifestyle and dress code that she was compelled to follow, this image of a woman dressed in loose dungarees and working in a … Read the rest

Graphic Design ArtworkIf you are into digital art, you have possibly come across the term vector art. Email advertising for graphic designers is also the best way for your clients and prospects to hold track of your promotions, campaigns and updates. Thanks to Art Nouveau, graphic style and visual clarity gained by the composition.

Graphic design will come to be even far more considerable as computer technology becomes increasingly available and as a lot more companies realize that a definitive, distinctive logo and product style can make an huge difference in solution sales.

We can assist educators, scientists, corporate executives, statisticians and technical writers combine the visual impact of information presentations, maps and signs in one particular compelling graphic that is precise and clear. An important milestone was the publication of the Manifesto, first points initial (1964), which was a contact for a additional radical type of graphic design and style, criticizing the idea of design in series worthless.

Scalability tends to make these graphics a larger high quality graphic which are generally used in even much more applications than a classic bitmap graphic. The style activity frequently needs the participation of a group of pros, such as photographers, illustrators, technical illustrators, like professionals with less associated to visual message.

These publications have layouts that illustrate theories and diagrams Graphic design also applied to layout, formatting, illustrations and charts. Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s graphic design system is structured to prepare you to function effectively in this very competitive field.… Read the rest