6 Reasons to Get a Graphic Design Degree

6 Reasons to Get a Graphic Design Degree

Whether or not you need a graphic design degree is a highly debated topic in the industry. Although there many are pros and cons to each situation, there are many convincing reasons that are in support of earning a degree. Having a degree will give you the upper hand over your classmate and colleagues when applying for jobs. According to The Department of Labour, graphic design is expected to grow 10% until 2016. Having a degree will get you started in the right direction and students will more likely be hired. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of obtaining one:

1. Build Your Portfolio

Going to school provides you with a creative work environment that promotes learning and development. Your portfolio should demonstrate your creative ability and personal style. Having originality in your portfolio will help you immensely when applying for jobs after you graduate and is important when meeting with potential freelance clients or graphic design agencies. Attending school will give you that buffer of time to allow you to work up to where you feel comfortable with your skills and your portfolio.

2. Gives You The Basics

Graphic design is a field that requires you to know the basics before you get started. Students need to build a base, just like building blocks, so it allows you for easier progression in your career later on. Some of the basics include typography, color theory, balance, spacing, layout, and more. These are all skills you’ll have to proficiently understand as a graphic designer before you begin to move on. An education will provide you with a solid understanding of graphic design theories, technical skills, and practical skills that will be required on the job.

3. Allows You Time to Network

Networking is an important aspect of the industry. Many designers and agencies are always looking for talent through social media channels. If you spend the time to network through Twitter, Facebook, and even Dribbble, it can pay dividends for your future. Engaging in conversation on Twitter is very important – it introduces you to new designers who may have work they can give you, or you may strike up a conversation with a graphic designer in your area! Either way, you could potentially be faced with an opportunity that you would not have had before.

4. Gives You A Chance to Participate in Internships

Many schools will offer students the chance to participate in design internships. Experience as a graphic design student is something that will set you apart from your classmates, so it’s important to make the most out of these opportunities. Participating in an internship at an agency will provide you with hands-on experience, real-world projects to include in your portfolio, and an up and close look into how the industry works. It can be a thrilling experience for any student!

5. Provides a Great Learning Environment

Graphic design school is a great time to make mistakes. It’s also a great chance for you to learn within an environment that is committed to your development and growth. Graphic design schools give students a structured regime that accommodates students with the necessary building blocks, experience, and skills to be successful, which is why the school would be a wise option for students who have trouble teaching themselves new skills or don’t have the discipline to learn on their own.

6. Gives You an Advantage

This is a competitive field. That’s why having a degree might give you the upper hand when applying for junior positions at agencies. Often, clients will also deem you more trustworthy and skilled if you carry a degree, just because it shows that you’ve learned the necessary skills to provide them with what they need. Sometimes, agencies will only contact candidates who have a degree – simply because they get so many applications. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, having a graphic design degree will get your foot in the door.

The advantages of having a degree certainly outweigh the negative. Graphic design school not only gives you a chance to build your portfolio, but it also provides a great learning environment, allows you to participate in internships and placements, gives you technically sound skills, gives you a chance to network with others, and gives you the upper hand when applying for jobs after graduation. Graphic design is a competitive industry that is growing. Be a part of it be having a degree

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