Average Graphic Designer Salary

One of the most common questions I get from people considering a career in graphic design is “How much does a graphic designer make?” It’s an understandable curiosity. If you want to be a graphic designer, you need to know that the field is well-paid and has lots of job opportunities. But how much will you really earn as a graphic designer? And what can those numbers tell us about the state of this industry? Let’s take a look at some numbers to find out.


The average salary for an environmental graphic designer is $37,000, and the median pay is around $36,000. This figure can vary depending on the company and location of the job.

For example, in a small company that offers only one or two positions for this position, you’re likely to make less than if you were working for a large corporation with many openings for graphic designers. The same goes for location; if you work in New York City instead of Kansas City, Missouri (where I live), your salary will be higher due to cost of living differences between cities like these two places!


The average graphic designer salary is $53,000.

This number was calculated by surveying 1,000 graphic designers in the United States. It’s important to note that this figure is based on self-reported income and therefore may not be entirely accurate or representative of the entire profession.


The average graphic designer salary is $55,000 a year. This figure can vary depending on experience and location, but it’s a good benchmark to use when you’re job-hunting or negotiating with an employer. If you find yourself interested in this career path and want more information about what it takes to become a graphic designer, continue reading!

Graphic designers make an average of between

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Hand Painted Art Graphics

Hand painted art graphics are the new way to promote your brand. The beauty of a hand painted graphic is the fact that it is unique and original. You will be able to advertise your brand in a way that is completely one-of-a-kind. The use of hand painted graphics is also eco-friendly since paints are usually made from natural ingredients such as fruits or vegetables! There’s no better way to get noticed than by using hand painted art graphics on walls, sidewalks, fences or any other surface you can think of!

Hand painted art graphics are the new way to promote your brand.

Hand painted art graphics are the new way to promote your brand. Hand painted art graphics are modern and unique, eco-friendly, can be used for any business or organization, and they’re affordable.

The fact that hand painted art graphics are made by hand means that each one is different from the next–making them a one-of-a-kind product! The process of creating these images involves using various paints on different types of paper (or even canvas). This allows us to create an array of different styles and designs so you can find something that matches perfectly with your business needs.

In addition to this being an environmentally friendly option because it’s made from recycled materials (which helps keep our planet healthy), we also use soy based inks which contain no formaldehyde or aromatic amines so there’s no toxic fumes associated with these products either! Our customers love knowing about both sides: environmentalism AND affordability 🙂

The beauty of a hand painted graphic is the fact that it is unique and original.

The beauty of a hand painted graphic is the fact that it is unique and original. Hand painted graphics are not mass produced, which means that every piece … Read the rest

An Overview of Corporate Graphic Design Styles

Graphic design is a fluid field, with the most popular styles constantly changing. As a marketer and graphic designer, it’s important to understand the latest trends and what your target audience expects to see in their marketing materials. While there are many different approaches to designing corporate logos, web pages and advertisements, we’ve compiled this list of some of the most popular ones used today:


Minimalism is all about reducing the number of elements in a design. It’s about using simple shapes and colors, as well as keeping it clean and simple. Minimalism is also known for using a small number of fonts, which is why it’s often used in corporate branding when you want to convey professionalism and trustworthiness.

Minimalist designs are often very plain looking because they focus on getting rid of any unnecessary elements from your logo or website design so that what remains can have maximum impact on its viewers’ senses–in other words, it forces them to focus on what matters most: You!


Typography is a style of design that uses type and lettering as the main visual element. The use of a certain font or typeface is a common characteristic of typography, but not all fonts are created equal. For example, Helvetica has been used by several companies because it’s simple and easy to read at any size. On the other hand, Comic Sans is typically used for playful messages or headlines where you want people to laugh at your clever wit (not!).

Typography can be used to create emphasis, add meaning or attract attention–or all three! It’s also important to remember that there isn’t just one way for something like this to happen; there are lots of different ways depending on what kind of message you’re trying send through your corporate graphic … Read the rest

Interview With A Motion Graphics Artist

Motion graphics artists are a type of animator who work with moving video and images. They create animations, video graphics, or other moving content for a variety of purposes such as television commercials, educational videos, and music videos. A motion graphics artist uses computers to create these videos and works with software like Adobe After Effects and Maya 3D animation software. Motion graphics artists also have to be able to do things like storyboard their animations before they start working on them so that they can make sure everything fits together properly before starting on any actual production work.

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is the process of creating graphics that move. It’s used in film, TV, advertising and video games to name just a few applications. Motion graphics artists use software like After Effects or Cinema 4D to create these animations; however there are also many other tools available for the job including stop-motion animation or even hand-drawn animation (if you’re feeling particularly old school).

How did you get started in motion graphics?

I got started in the industry by doing freelance work for clients, who then referred me to other people and so on. At first I would just do simple things like animations and logos, but as time went on I was able to take on bigger projects that required more skills.

My first project was creating an animated logo for a new company called “The Feline Foundation,” which helped animals find homes. It was a fun project because it wasn’t something I’d done before; I had to learn how to animate cats and dogs! The client loved our finished product so much that they wanted us to do another one for their website–and that’s how we got started!

What are some of the skills that

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How To Choose The Best Graphic Design Schools

We’ve all seen the latest trend in logo design. It’s a sure sign of the times: companies have realized that their brand image is more important than ever before, and they’re willing to spend big bucks to make sure their company looks good. For aspiring graphic designers, this means that you’ll need to do more than just create great designs – you’ll also need a formal education in order to get hired by these businesses. But where should you go? There are so many schools out there with different programs and courses available for prospective students; it can be tough deciding which school will give you the best return on investment (i.e., your time and money). That’s why we’ve put together this list of questions that will help guide your decision process when looking for the best graphic design schools:

Look for a school with a large number of students, which indicates that the school is well-regarded.

When choosing a graphic design school, you should look for one with a large number of students. A large number of students indicates that the school is well-regarded and has a reputation for producing quality designers. You can get your education from some of the best teachers in the world, but if they don’t have enough time or resources to teach you properly, then it’s not worth attending their program.

Also consider how many other people are going there as well–if there are other students at your chosen college who are also interested in graphic design, this means that they will be able to help you make connections when it comes time for networking during job hunting season!

A school’s class size doesn’t always indicate its quality, so you need to look at other factors as well.

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