Web design examples from famous designers

Web design examples from famous designers

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some examples of web design from famous designers. We’ll explore how they implement color theory, make use of space, and more!


Nike is a huge brand, so it makes sense that their website is well-designed and professional. They use a lot of white space on the page, which makes the site look clean and organized. The large images give the page a personal feel, like you’re interacting with them directly rather than just looking at an image or text block on your computer screen.


Google has a clean, simple design. The search bar is at the top of the page, and there are no advertisements on it. Their logo is located in an upper left corner of their website. There are only a few links at the bottom of their homepage: “Google,” “Advertising Programs,” “Careers” and “Contact Us.”

The font used for text on this page is Helvetica

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter website is designed by a designer named Michael Kinsley. The site has a lot of graphics, but they are all very high quality. It also has a lot of animations, but they are all very well done.


Coca-Cola’s website is simple and easy to use. It has a clean design and doesn’t have too many graphics, which makes it easy for users to navigate through the site quickly. The company uses a lot of white space on their homepage, making it feel spacious and open. There’s also a lot of text on the page, but it’s not overwhelming because they’ve used large fonts in order to fit everything into one column at the top of their webpage (which also acts as an introductory paragraph).


Disney is a good example of a company that has a consistent brand. Their website is very clean and easy to navigate, it’s colourful and family friendly. You can tell that Disney has put in a lot of effort into making their website as user-friendly as possible.


Apple’s website is simple and clean. It uses a lot of white space, which makes it easy to navigate on your phone or tablet.

The home page has a lot of text and pictures, but not too many videos (and none that auto-play).

Web design examples can be found everywhere.

This is the first thing to remember: web design examples can be found everywhere. The internet is full of them, and you can learn a lot by looking at how others have done things.

Look at other industries, look at other countries, look at cultures that are different from your own. There are many ways in which websites differ depending on where they’re made–and this makes them all interesting!

The examples we’ve shared with you in this article are only a small selection of the many great web designs out there. We hope that they have inspired you to go out and explore more examples for yourself!

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