10 Web Trends For 2010

10 Web Trends For 2010

It’s amazing that 2010 is only a few months away. It seems like a year out of a science fiction book. Yet, 2010 is right around the corner. There was a time when the Internet was thought of as science fiction and today it is very much a reality. So what are a few real Web trends for 2010? Let’s take a look at 10 important trends for 2010 and you can get a head start preparing.

1. Internet use Stabilized

Internet adoption and growth has stabilized. Future growth will come from older Web users. The growth will be in how people use the Internet and integrate it into their everyday lives. This means fewer Web newcomers and more in-depth usage.

2. Website Integration

Websites are no longer novelties, but a major part of a company’s identity. Business’ must get away from online brochures and focus on having their Website relate to what users experience offline. Social networking is an excellent example and a key driver of this trend. It is an extension of people’s lives on the Web and has become popular because it facilitates and expands relationships and the communication that happens offline.

3. Website Branding

The Internet is becoming the central resource for branding and marketing communications. Website messaging still has a long way to go with most Websites using various forms of “Welcome to Our Website” or cryptic tag lines as key messaging.

Users are looking for more concrete messaging that delivers a connection with the company. The Website must establish the brand as user’s perceptions are based on what they see on your site. This is branding.

4. Website Usability will Improve

Website marketers are realizing the importance of Web usability to success on the Web. Most Websites still need work, but the momentum toward … Read the rest